Thank Yous

We would like to take every opportunity to thank those who have helped us out in the planning and execution of our wedding day.

First and foremost we would like to thank our parents,

Mary and Chris Myles
Carol and Gene Bellefontaine

Additionally we extend many thanks to the other members of our families and to our friends who are helping to make this a very special occasion.

Jennifer and Darren Currie,
Brad and Jesse Smith,
Lloyd and Audrey King,
Cameron and Michaela Myles,
Heather Lossing and Jason Arrell,
Kate Charuk and Pascal Lecours,
Bill and Joyce Sandison,
Kevin and Amy Haggerty,
Rob Sample and Anna Soros,
Barb and Arthur English,
Fran and Dan Charuk,
Nora Langan and Santi and Cappuccitti,
Mary-Frances Cappuccitti,
David King and Marcia Morris